Problem in creating a helmet

Hi everyone, I’ve been using nomad recently so I’ll start by saying that I don’t have much experience. I’m trying to make a bob for a costume but I’m having trouble creating the empty space where the head will go. I started from a new sphere, I divided it as much as possible, I cut it approximately in half, I selected the entire interested part and then proceeded to make an extraction of the thickness you see in the photo. I’m probably doing some settings wrong and if you know how to make this bob you will be grateful. Thank you

You can take that object you made there, instance it, un-instance it, reduce the size in every direction by the dimensions you want your inside cavity to be, and make sure that some is sticking out from the bottom of your helmet. Then hide it, and voxel merge it to the other outer shape. This will hollow it out. I’ll get some screenshots to help explain this process better for you, but I hope this helps you out! :+1:t2:

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First, instance your object. This will essentially duplicate it. I actually discovered when I did this that you don’t have to un-instance, so earlier I misspoke.

Change the dimensions for the duplicate, by the dimensions you want your inside cavity to be. I find it helpful to adjust the green axis to be longer than the rest, that way you have a bit sticking out on the bottom.

This is “X-Ray” view. It’s very useful for this part of the process:

Now hide this object:

Now add the outer portion to your selection:

And voxel remesh with the resolution you want: