Please please PLEASE at least very basic UV support

I can see there is a “preserve UVs” option for debug purposes only but it is impossible to use this mode without the intrusive test pattern rendering it basically useless. I can’t import a base mesh with good UVs which makes nomad much less usable in a production pipeline.

Even if there is no UV unwrapping feature just the ability to preserve UVs and import pre-existing textures as vertex paint would go a long way to making this viable for professional work.

In the meantime I will look for an open source UV implementation to see if I can help the developer to create the software we are all dreaming of.


You can check the option keep UVs, then switch the rendering to pbr or matcap as usual.
UVs are exported as well, with gltf and obj.

However you cannot use voxel remesh or dyn topo as UVs will be lost (it’s the same in blender or zbrush…).

For multires and decimation, uv support will be improved a bit on next release.


Oh really? Is this new support because last time i checked it gave some really weird rendering issues.

Thanks for the fast updates, also when decimation / multires support is added for UVs consider adding UV support for detail reprojection and it would be quite powerful.

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