Doesn't export UV map?

I’m trying to apply the following workflow but it doesn’t work for some reason …

Try #1
Using Blender I export a UV unwrapped mesh as gITF to GoogleDrive; i remesh it in Nomad and then export it back : UV data gone.

Try #2
Using Blender i take the low poly mesh, unwrap it and then add more vertices. Export it and import it in Nomad, do my edit then export : UV data gone.

Is it that nomad doesn’t preserve UV data ? Or is it me … somewhere …

Nomad doesn’t support UV.

There’s partial support if you enable the option in the dev tool (bottom of interface menu). But it’s a bit buggy in the current version, and it exports UVs only with OBJ.
UV is not high priority for Nomad.

Also you shouldn’t expect a voxel remesher to preserve UVs, (whether it’s blender remesh or zbrush dynamesh).

Oh man that’s very sad :frowning:
Unwrapping a mesh with million of vertices is a nightmare in Blender too I thought this one could help me out. Anyway will try out your beta version; hopefully will be enough for my needs. Thanks.

Maybe write somewhere it doesn’t support it ? Or a missed it ?

Thanks !