Pinching- like sculptura

Hey Folks!,

Curious if anyone knows of a way to achieve a similar result to sculptura when it comes to pinching and gathering of polys.

In sculptura the pinch is like a super strong vacuum - it grabs everything that is around and sucks it to the center super quick - so perfect for straightening lines and having them consistent width - i can hard surface in a second with this tool. if you set the size wide enough its great for pulling out kinks and reshaping forms

in nomad i found the pinch seems to pull abit but seems to crumble the polys and not straighten, it pinches before it straightens.

I tried different alphas and settings, but cant seem to find a tool that sucks polys in a direction like sculpturas

I had moderate success inverting the inflate tool with a pointy alpha, but still not quite the same effect. May not be possible as i think sculptura is fully voxels - but worth asking you never know :smiley:

Any ideas?