Outline and deselect?

I wonder why I can’t deselect objects? I use the outliner feature, but it seems that I can’t deselect objects, even when I’m pressing the background.

Is this intended?


If you click in the background Nomad thinks you are about to rotate the model so, no, it doesn’t deselect it. I could be wrong, but I think that there always has to be one object that is selected in Nomad and that you can’t “unselect” them all. (I should add I’m not exactly a power user of Nomad).

No unselect all possible. Always one selected.

Quick multi select / deselect in outliner = drag over squares with checkers.
(Visible / invisible works same btw. = drag over eyes)

Multi select in scene, hold smooth and tap on objects. Deselect, hold smooth, tap on object again.

The only way I’ve found to entirely deselect everything is to select a mesh then delete it.

It would be really nice if the View tool at least had an option to disable the outline.


Actually you can disable the outline for the selected mesh in the settings

Yeah, but that’s a bit of a pain to be constantly turning on and off. I think the View tool is the perfect tool to have that option, since a quick view of the mesh is kind of what it’s for.


I agree - it would be nice it we had the possibility to outline the objects we select, and when we click on the background / negative space - no objects are selected, and therefore no outlines are shown - seems quite logical to me :slight_smile:


Yes, it would be so nice if the outline tool temporary disables when in view mode - would be good for my osd to be able see the model without the outline :- :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Otherwise I find the outline really cool.

A lot of people use the Outline in their rendering and therefore in the view, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to turn it off when the view button is active.

Ah ok, I did not know that, I actually don’t know what the View tool is for.

One solution could be having a tick for “hide outline” in the View settings - under the camera tool, when View tool is selected.

Or it can be hidden when no object is selected, by pressing three or four fingers on the background, or a combination of pressing two fingers on the background, while holding the smooth key. It just need to be intuitive, and of course not mess with others workflow :slight_smile:

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For the outline to appear, you have to select all the objects in the scene. What is missing (as you suggested) is being able to deselect it would be useful but not really just for the outline.

Here is one way:

  • Settings > Display Settings > Uncheck Outline
  • Settings > Display Settings > Darken Unselected meshes
  • Tools > View