Deflate & Outline in View


Not sure if these are bugs or if I’m just misremembering how it used to work.

Inflate with sub option doesn’t seem to do anything on the iPad anymore.

In View mode, the selection outline is no longer disabled (the darken unselected meshes still is).


Inflate is broken, will be fixed for the next release.

As for View mode I kept the outline, not sure why and if there is a clear better solution than the other.
I know one user wanted to keep the outline for the “render” feature, but I don’t have a strong opinion on that.

I find myself turning outline on when using multiple meshes, but turn it off for View mode as it’s a bit distracting. Oddly I keep single-tapping the background in View mode expecting it to turn off. No idea why but I’d love that to be an option. :slight_smile:

Hahaha I did exactly the same thing last night.

“Why is the outline still on in view?” taps on background, knowing full well it won’t do anything

Finally went in and just switched it off.

Tap on background to deselect would be great (or just a deselect button. Could double as a select all button, too).