Object moves very slowly

When I 2 finger touch and grab to move the object around it moves very slow. I opened some other projects and they move fine as in it keeps up with my fingers while the other doesn’t. Maybe I clicked a setting or something. The project isn’t using that much ram only 800m. I have other projects that are bigger. Thanks for any help.

It can be many things, can you describe more precisely the scene that is slow and the one that isn’t?

  • how many objects, or layers?
  • how many vertices in the scene or on the object you try to move

In the Tranform menu there’s an option « transform operation » that should be on auto, you can read the tooltip.
Typically the vertex mode is slower and sometimes you are forced to use this mode (if masking is present or symmetry is on).

if you referring to moving the view like panning, zooming and rotating
And it’s became slow
You might wanna check the camera speed sitting.

Make sure the numbers at least 1

There’s 4 objects in the scene no layers or paint. Grave head tail and body. Roughly 3million ver total. It only is slow when moving left and right. Zooming in and out and moving up and down work fine. It’s almost like the scene is huge left to right and normal all other directions. Maybe there’s something really small in my scene somewhere

It’s not in the gizmo tool. I’m talking about moving around the object. You are transforming the size and orientation of the object in the scene with the gizmo. That tool works fine.

Ah ok you mean moving the camera then, not the object.

You can move faster with the options shown by @The7Mirrors then, the one you want is panning.

The panning speed is always relative to how far the pivot point is (basically the zoom level).
To see how big your scene is simply click 2 times on the Snap Cube, it will alternate between « focus on the selected object » and « focus on the scene ». The scene should fit in your screen, maybe a video could help me understand if there is an issue.

I’ll check the settings when I get off work. I’ll get a video up to. I don’t know how to record with the app.

Thanks for the help. It was the panning level. I must’ve bumped the slider at some point.