Camera Help, I’m feeling stupid

Guys, I have no idea what is happening, but I bet it’s something stupid I did and can’t find out what it was.

I should be able to rotate around my object to sculpt it, but somehow the camera view is all over the place… Hope one of you can help me find out what’s going on here!

Double tap on the area/object you want to focus and rotate around.

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Thanks, but It didn’t help. On the video I double tap on the mesh and on the background, and the problem kept going…

I ended up resetting all my settings now and it solved the problem… But now I’m curious what did I do wrong…

Maybe you’ve accidently enabled First person viewing mode.


I think you are on to it! Because I just tried to turn first person on right now to see what happens and the problem came back. But after I disabled it, the problem continued… I had to disable First person AND double click on the background after it!

Thanks a lot @Genko3D !

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I think you’ve got the right solution already. But occasionally I’ve found that the navigation goes crazy if I’ve done some extreme scaling of an object using gizmo - if you go to gizmo settings and bake the scaling everything calms down again!