Object Instancing

With all of the new object tools that were recently added, and the talk of the Insert brush maybe allowing any object in the scene as an insert, I thought that Clone Instance could be a good addition. You probably know what I mean already but: Make a clone of an object & have an “Instanced” option for the object which causes all future edits to be copied to all instances. The scene list would only contain one object that represents all of the instances and maybe a number alongside to show how many instances are in the scene. You could also allow the baking of one or all of the clones to make them into separate non-instanced objects, maybe in the same way that primitives are validated. I can imagine that this idea is way off track or maybe not even achievable but thought I’d share my request anyway :slight_smile:


I already though about that and it’s doable, only the object transform/gizmo could be edited per instance.

Not sure if I’m going to do it, but it will have to wait for the scene UI improvements (hierarchy support).


Didn’t know if it was doable or not - going off other softwares that have instancing, I would say that the potential issues would be memory allocation when editing an object that had multiple instances in the scene. There would possibly be a lag whilst computations were completed & the potential for running out of memory due to the handling of so many objects. I suppose you are managing all of those issues now anyway, counting faces & warning before subdivision etc. I’m glad you’re thinking about it because it’s an awesome workflow for quickly blocking out models and then embellishing the details multiple times.

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There is no extra memory, only extra computation when doing the rendering but that’s all.

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Instancing is a very nice feature. Best with array functions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think the current clone function is prime for additional array - even a simple repeat function would be better than none :+1:t2:

This would be wonderful to make it easier to make tileable sculpts for base to bake game environment textures from