Object instancing seems to be different…

I am trying to create instance of sphere but somehow they behave like a normal clone object…i.e. when i tweak the parent, the child remains as it is. I recall in pre1.85, i was able to do so? Did i miss some step? i have the latest 1.89. Thank you.

Instance are working fine.
Make sure you don’t tap the « uninstance » option.

Can you show a video or be more specific on what action you are doing precisely?

Maybe I am using instance wrongly?.. I was trying to create a sphere and make instance of it so that when I alter the parent sphere, the child will alter as well.
Here’s the video… not sure if I attach the video correctly…

Thank you.

Edit: oh, after posting the above video… I tried to use the other tools and I realised that if I were to use the move, drag tool, it does work! Oops. Sorry for the bug report post.

It seems that only the gizmo action is not affecting the instance (to scale them all together)… is that the expected behaviour?

Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to move them in separate position in the scene.

But you can change the gizmo target to modify the vertex instead (button on the left when gizmo is selected « groups »)

Oh, ok… let me try that out. Thank you for your clarification.