New features, hierarchy,instancing etc… and how it works

New features are great. I’m trying to use them but I’m not sure if I understand purpose of everything right. I briefly look into manual but I think there are only things from old version. If manual for new features exist somewhere pls tell me.

I’m little confused with workflow including object duplication, mirroring and instancing and well…I’m copying copy of instance of instance and everything is everywhere now :slight_smile: no, basicaly. What I want to build is posable symetrical T pose figure. With every limb posable independently(not mirroring limb on other side, its cordinates) idealy if geometry of every object from one side is instance of the same object from other side, so if I for example make some muscle biger on one side, it get biger on other side also even if the pose itself is no longer symetrical. I also want use pivots as jonits.
The problem is, how to create instance which is fliped. Because if I flip it acros symetry plane it counts as geometry change, not coordinates change ?
Using instances in my model as parts will be cool but not necesery, just nice bonus. But another strugle I have are with joints(pivots). If I mirror one part to other side, then cut this part out with split tool to recieve independent object. Pivot of this new object is still on original side. I can move it easily on right position off course even every f#€&%@g finger have three joints. I’m more curious what is right way to do this. Coz it looks like it must be verry common scenario. I’m bulding posable figurine. What tool you will use to do that ?

For symmetry, 3 main way in Nomad:

  • use the “mirror node” (scene menu)
  • instance your mesh and then scale -1 in x (gizmo menu)
  • use a single geometry and forces it to be symmetrical (symmetry menu → mirroring)

You probably want to use the 2nd solution.
(You can also use the 1st for positioning then “validate”).

I’m not sure what is your issue with pivot, but there’s a bug in that release in that the pivot are loaded correctly when you re-open your projects.

If the limbs/muscle are separate object, instancing should do it.
If it’s a single mesh, you need poseable symmetry but it doesn’t exist in Nomad (and it only works in some case, if the mesh is topologically symmetric).

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Thanx, yes that (-1) solution solve the problem.
Yes pivot position are not saved, as I realized after carefuly position dosents of joints :slight_smile:
I find way around that, but it have is own problem. While objects don’t save pivot position, groups do. So if I put every single object into its own group, I can save pivots and create posable characters like that (it is not verry elegant because it make mess of you hierarchical tree, basicaly double the amounth of objects and sub-hierarchy going verry deep).
But than if you want move part of your character you must pick group, not objects. For this there are this “conected nods like, blue icons” which you can turn off\on in viewport. Problem is position of these icon relatet to object they contain. Some are OK, right on object they controll, but some are verry far away from object and when you have lot of them there is no way to know which is which and because your hierarchical tree is already mess from all these groups it is hard to pick what you want. I didn’t figure out by which parameter is the position of blue icon dopends on.(it is not pivot, it is not center of bounding box)

When you add a group it is inserted at the same position of your selected object.
By position I mean it’s real transform, not the gizmo pivot.

The real transform is basically how a group would be positioned in blender or any other softwares by default.

You can’t expect the software to magically understand what you want to do and then place the group on « joints » directly.

You can use gizmo « object » mode to move the icon without impacting the children.

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Hello Stephomi, I had a question about instancing too. I try to use instancing to create seamless textures inside nomad. I have created multiple instances linked to each face of a plane and I wanted to be able tu sculpt from one instance to the other, actually the brush stops at the border of the selected plane. Do you know a way to bypass this behavior ? Thank you !

You can only sculpt on one mesh at a time.

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And by any chance do you know a way to create seamless height map textures inside nomad ? I personally think it would be a very popular use case scenario.

That’s not possible.

Would you be eager to implement a way in the future ? Is there a poll somewhere to see if this feature would be appreciated by the community ? Thank you for your very quick responses

It’s low priority because you can’t really use seamless heightmap in Nomad.
Except as a material texture but since you don’t have much control of UV in Nomad…