Studying workflow: from Poseit to Nomad

Studying workflow: from Poseit to Nomad. Very cool! It would be awesome if Nomad Could keep the symmetry of all the parts. But still a very fast and nice way to create something.


Trying to push it. Texture, lights and post production are hard…


Stunning!I tried to export models from Poseit APP into Nomad Sculpt,it was so much fun.

Nice result. I love this workflow as well. It would truly be helpful to some kind of symmetry per object ti get things even faster done. Whatever, even with only poseit picture in background it is so much easier to find best pose.

Thanks guys. I will try a few more later on.

@knacki it would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Symmetry to head, torso and hips, and mirrors to arms, legs and feets. Hands could be separated, I guess…

But I can already imagine Stephan’s headache. Nomad doesn’t know that the obj mesh is a head or something… For us it’s obvious, but to the app it’s just an imported mesh… I was having a hard time trying to make the local symmetry gizmo fit the right place because the head was slightly tilted… I believe it could work if we had a native biped inside of Nomad to pose and then sculpt… With an imported mesh I guess it’s just not practical… :cry: