Nomadsculpt v2?

Hi there was just curious about the plans around long term sustainability of the project, do you plan to separate big changes into a new version that can to be rebought? subscription? etc. I only ask because this app offers so much snd at some point will come into the crosshairs of those who would want to buy it out, and a single purchase may not be sustainable long term though I can’t speak on something like that.

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Ha! I think we share the same fears :sweat_smile: In other words, how can we give you more money so we don’t wind up having to pay someone else 100x more for a product that gets a small fraction of the love Nomad is getting now?

I bought zbrush around 2005 for I think $395 (or something ridiculous like that). I never paid another dime. Nice BUT look what happened… Happened with Oculus Medium and others too.


Nomad’s doing fine.


That’s exactly my fears as well lol

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Awesome, thank you for you’re response.

Great to hear! Would love the opportunity to help keep it that way should the need arise :slight_smile:


Apologies for my rant !
I despise big companies who snatch software initially made by people with heart and vision, just so they can milk more and more money.
I will never support subscription based software, at least not in a way where I end up paying 4 times more than the initial one-time-purchase price. Adobe doesn’t allow me to use substance painter anymore unless I subscribe. Before Adobe, I could use the version I subscribed to even after I cancelled. Fair!
Adobe? Excuse my French —-F…U to all this corporate money sharks.

I showed Autodesk the cold shoulder a decade ago, and switched to blender and will never look back.
I use my old Zbrush version as long as I can and if for some reason Maxon pulls off some strategic stunts for the sole purpose to make more money than they already have, then I gladly switch to Nomad entirely.

I really hate to see many companies jumping on the subscription model. Their favorite reasoning ( excuse) - „ we want to improve the software for you, and this costs money „ is just as shady as the model itself. Where has Photoshop been improved in the last years? Or 3Dsmax? Surly. Adobe, Maxon , and Autodesks big shots live in a nice big villa and drive fancy cars, eat the best food.

But it’s not just those companies I criticize, it’s actually the folks who let themselves be controlled by them! Cause I am telling you, Blender, Nomad, Krita - and you can create astonishing work. All the hiccups they have or don’t, I’d rather live with those than becoming a slave of those companies and throwing my hard earned money into a dozen of subs- which btw, I don’t understand how people can keep track of all their subscriptions expenses ( not limited to software)

Stephane ( and the Blender Foundation ) will always have my support and loyalty, and I gladly pay for major version updates!


I totally understand, what you are saying - then again, when it comes to Nomad for some time now I feel, like I’m ripping off Stéphane. He’s constantly working hard to improve this already outstanding software. Yet, I’ve paid my initial 15 bucks and that’s about it. Since then Nomad got a plethora of new features.
I don’t know if Nomad is just a side project for him, while he’s working a regular day job. But seriously - Nomad is a tool, where I would not mind a subscription model just to support the author.

And generally speaking - while I as a customer of course appreciate one time payments, you have to keep in mind, that programs nowadays are evolving over time. A single payment is okay, if you buy a product that’s done. But paying a sum of X bucks for a feature set Y at a given time and then to expect to get all future features for free is a little bit brazen, don’t you think? After all there’s a lot of people working hard. And these people need to get paid as well. I mean I don’t know what a developer at Maxon or elsewhere makes, but it certainly won’t be chump change.

What’s certainly up for discussion is how much the companies are charging per year/month.

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Well, I did say, I would pay for major updates except bug-fix updates. If we pay developers for bug-fix releases , they will develop the mentality of “ release now- fix later “ .

Now, talking about the funds developers need for constant development. I don’t disagree, though I wonder how companies did make a fortune back then without subscriptions. My subjective theory is, because everything gets more and more expensive , companies want to maintain their profit goals. In the end it’s always the user/ average person who pays.

Also, do you know FL Studio? A music DAW. They always have and always will have free lifetime updates. How do they do it they do it? I am not sure, but I assume they make the money they need by selling their own plugins. Oh boy, I so admire those kind of developers.


Likewise, I have no love for subscriptions. I believe the happy medium is in version segregation, buy once and it’s yours but future versions with new features aren’t provided unless you move to that newer one. people that don’t need the latest aren’t locked out and devs aren’t left wanting.


Money talks.
No one wants to work all their life.

I was wondering the same thing after paying for it once. I really don’t like subscription apps so paying for Nomad once is great but I also realize that continued development sometimes needs more income. Awesome to hear you are doing fine!! I was expecting a v2 sometime after a major feature set update but if things are going well… it’s great to hear!

Glad to hear! I really enjoy coming to this forum and learning new things but also hearing about your continued active development. I have been 3D sculpting for over 7 years and when Nomad Sculpt came along, I knew it was really special, especially when I was already creating my artwork on my iPad on the go. I will support you and Nomad Sculpt as best as I can so it never is bought by a company to charge ridiculous subscription fees.