Thoughts on Forger vs Nomad

I’d gladly donate to nomad this point for not being greedy.
Forger, which we’ve already paid for, now has a monthly fee if you want more than three scene saves. All my old scenes I made before Maxon took over are locked.
Let’s show them what we do to scam artists. If they were up front about their charges it’d be fine. But to take my money and then lick my work up is disgusting and should be against some kind of Apple policy.

It’s infuriating. Why would they expect anyone to pay for it monthly after being told the full program costs ~$10 in a one time fee. Being new owners of a program doesn’t mean you can charge twice. Why would anyone even pay for it anyway when Nomad exceeds them in every way possible

  1. Takes community feedback
  2. Helps us with any issues that arise, PERSONALLY
  3. Works with it’s purchasees, through out
  4. Costs a one time fee
  5. Is better in nearly every way - and I’m sure the extruding on single triangles/squares etc. will be a part of the program eventually anyway, which is the only plus of Forger, alongside it’s thousand downsides like it’s dizzying camera angle orienting

I hate money grabbers so much. It makes me want to donate to those who serve with honor even more. If i could give nomad an extra 10er, despite being unemplyed currently, I’d reach out of my tiny savings and give it to my good friend.


Yep. Maxon is the worst thing that’s happened to 3D sculpting in a while. They’ve also ruined Zbrush.

Stéphane on the other hand is quite the opposite.


Agreed - I certainly dont mind reasonable yearly sub fees. I have a perpetual license for zbrush, that isn’t so perpetual any more. I can upgrade to the M version for 1/3 more than I paid for my existing license. Perpetual?


At this rate, I imagine a lot of people will refrain from upgrading, or switch to Mudbox.

Or frankly nomad if a desktop version came out, definitely a market to be exploited now that zbrush has moved to subscription and made a lot of customers unhappy, 3dcoat is still too esoteric, mudbox is pretty much abandonware.


My thoughts exactly. Nomad is already excellent as a semi-basic/intermediate desktop sculptor. It could certainly be expanded to rival Zbrush. It’s already better than ZbrushCore as far as I can tell, for less than 1/10 the price!

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I renamed the topic as I don’t want it to encourages “leaving bad reviews”.


Guys forger just added, a huge update. Zremesher IS IN!!! With topology guides. I’ve got a 1 year free use of this app since I owned the original, and while I understand many here are unhappy with the route things have gone. For 14$/year I find it more than acceptable.

It crashed doing the first remesh but succeeded with very very very good results afterwards(I’ll do more tests) it’s got decently robust options for controlling topology and density. If I sound excited it’s because I am. I can’t wait to test this as along with the poly creation suit(the poly editing workflow requires a significant overall, they should take queues from shapr in terms of touch centric usecase)

It’s significantly more memory intensive now however. So can either be a memory leak issue or it’s just that hungry for memory to carry out the remesh.

This is the original demo head

And this is the Re meshed head

It didn’t follow my guides too strongly. So I’ll test again with stronger guide follow settings

They seem to be taking some notes from our beloved nomad in the FX department as well.


Amazin news the zremesher function, thanks for sharing

I also did some testing on discord. I really want this to work, was was excited to see the ‘keep groups’ option, implying you could do that popular workflow in zbrush to tag up polygroups to guide zremesher.

It doesn’t work, which is a real shame. Unconstrained zremesher is pretty good, but both curve guides and polygroups are pretty broken. Also its very easy to crash on older hardware, its pretty much unusable on a 1st gen ipad pro, the same machine that runs nomad very solidly.

Original decimated head in nomad (I had to decimate it quite a lot for zremesher to work at all):

Result of default zremesher, pretty good:

Polygrouping the mesh in forger, smoothing out the borders (painful process, forger’s UI is not good for this task):

And the zremesh result with ‘keep groups’ enabled, basically useless:

The same mesh with the polygroup colours disabled, there’s too many artifacts here to be usable:

Vs the same process in zbrush, not even trying to smooth the borders. Clearly its a very different algorithm, which is disappointing.

I’d say in general the UI is quite frustrating to use, lots of menu diving, camera controls are glitchy (especially the snap-to-axis stuff), I really hope they can fix all this stuff, but I’m not holding my breath.