You need more updates/features

If you don’t add more features zbrush will overthrow you on iPad and don’t make these features paid for that’s one of y’all strengths.

If you used Zbrush you know how many features/tools they have and that’s what y’all are competing against.

Your number one strength is NO subscription if you give your target audience as many tools as you Zbrush with no subscription you will stay on top.

Id use free sculpting blender add-on’s as reference because I’m pretty sure Zbrush features are copyrighted but some blender add-on’s are not.

I’m the same dude who guessed the face groups a year before y’all implemented it into your software look at my past posts.

If money is a problem up the price once you implement all your features. so new people will have to pay more and your day one fans stay happy.

Make sure you market your new features as much as you can so they feel/know what there buying is worth there buck.


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Dumb ass are you gonna drop 15 bucks for every new feature?



Keep it civil dude.
Just because Sporky doesn’t have your apparent insight into 3D app development, doesn’t mean he can’t have an opinion about it.

Tru. I actually like this app tho I don’t want to see it wither away in obscurity I wish to see it thrive and not end up like armor paint, even though it’s developed by one person.

I’m afraid of subscription hell for 3d artists on iPad.