Thank you so much for the Android version

I never do this stuff, but having read some of the reviews complaining about the trial version on the Google Play store, I just want to throw in some explicit support for what you’re doing here, and specifically on Android, Stéphane.

This is an amazing app, and it’s running superbly on a relatively low powered tablet, a Galaxy S6 Lite. It’s really just opened up my creative space to the entire office and the entire house, and just improved my workflow so much I’d happily pay ten times more than this. Because I pay many many times more than this for ZBrush and Houdini and Substance, so the value proposition for something that for me is so revolutionary and unique is incredible. I’ve literally never moved from a trial to the full version of anything so quick.

And I’m a technical artist, so I’m also a programmer by trade, so I know the kind of effort that must have gone into this. When I saw those negative reviews on Play about the trial functionality, I felt just as aggrieved as you obviously were - I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate there being an Android version. I just bought this S6 Lite to complement my Note20 Ultra and I’m literally and seriously considering going out this weekend and upgrading to a Tab S7 just because of this app.

Ka pai! As we say down here. :slight_smile:



Yep, the main reason why the app is free on Android was because of older devices.
In case Nomad wouldn’t work on them I didn’t want to bother with refunds and stuffs so I figured a free app would solve this as people could test it beforehand.
With hindsight, since Nomad will mostly be bought on Galaxy tabs maybe it wasn’t much of an issue.

There is also the fact that most successful “Art & design” Android app are free.
So… not sure how it would have played out if I decided to make a paid app like on iOS.

Before the release I thought the reviews on iOS would be worse because people would be more critical since the app was paid. Well I was wrong.

Note that I will obviously continue to update Android, although some of the reviews drove me crazy.
99% of the app is crossplatform so it’s not much work.


Jepp, I fully agree with the OP.

Some reviews are really annoying, i would guess from people for normal have nothing to do with sculpting, programming, or what it takes to realize such a project.

Btw: I think one of the reason is the way the playstore present it. On my cell phone no tablet pictures are presented. It’s a nice gimmic to sculpt on micro display with a finger, but people with no background have wrong expectations. You might consider to highlight that it’s intended for pros, using a stylus, but even for beginners intuitive to use. And, from almost all reviewers I know of, the go for app an Android, when it comes to sculpting. The playstore also makes it hard to find this forum - people interested prefere having an active community for exchange.

Understatement is neat, but in a surrounding with 90% noobs, a message like: “google for the best sculpting app on Android - and it’s still getting better!” is nothing wrong. Also you should promote noobs are interested in: like import 3d models, manipulate them easily and export them back to blender. they know what even they could do, and if not working, people from this forum can support and you have not to deal with.

To be honest, you suffer the same like infinite painter. The go for app for painting on Android. The big boost came, as some recognized Youtuber honestly said, they could not understand why no one talks about that app. You even could ask for help here in the forum, promoting your app better! Why not start a topic about that? Ask them, what they suggest, and maybe whom to contact. I’m sure some people have good suggestions.

Of course: full S-Pen Button support is still lacking for being the go for app on galaxy devices…(hint, hint, hint)

Thank you so much for the android app, makes my work flow from sculpting anywhere till printing it at home just perfect!
Never bought a premium at first sight like I did with Nomad!

Keep it up,


I think one of the reason is the way the playstore present it.

Well there are 2 things: the “success” of the app (number of downloads/sales) and the reviews.

So far I’m not really in a rush to promote the app more actively as the sales are good (better than what I was expecting). I do earn less on Android than on iOS but it’s the case with most of the apps.

It’s mostly a few reviews that annoys me (“2/5 russian language please”), but it’s similar with many Android apps.

The app is very good, keep up the good work. Please be sure to keep working on Android support and updates. I only use android tablets. I bought your app soon as I seen it. Your app is already much better than Forger.

Here is a model I imported to Nomad. I made many edits to her also adding pins to make her 3d printable. This could not be done without and app like nomad. Being on a mobile device make Nomad the best. I use a Galaxy tab S7 Plus

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I’m here just to thank you Stephane for the great work you are doing. I was playing with SculptGL from time to time in the past years, so I was suprised when I have discovered Nomad last month. I’ve just bought Galaxy Tab s6 lite just for this App (still cheaper than Zbrush and easier than Blender :wink: ), because it’s great stuff to learn the basics of 3D sculpting and modeling (while watching for my kids for example), especially when someone is as busy as me and still want to learn new stuff as an illustrator.
Main “disadvantage” is: my older 8yo daughter want to scultp too, right now she is using my old Galaxy Tab 2014 with SculptGL online (I hope you will not delete it any soon), sitting next to me every time she sees me learning stuff in Nomad, so I’ll be obliged to buy her a better tablet in the near future.

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I suppose Nomad is not available on the 2014 tablet?

Note that there’s an experimental web demo
It might not work everywhere though.

I can download and install it on this 2014 tablet, but it works reeeaaallly slow - this tablet is just too old for it I think. That’s why it’s better to use good old SculptGL on 2014 one - it’s enough for my kid to create and paint her’s pikatchus and stuff. Maybe it’s the processor, because it has the same amount of RAM (4GB) as my Galaxy Tab s6 lite that has no problems with running Nomad. I’ll have an excuse (wife…) to buy myself s7 and give s6 lite to my kid… :wink:

Web demo works quite well on my PC, thanks!

Thank you very much for Android! I will definitely buy it! set the minimum system requirements for devices according to reviews. I apologize for the Android get-together, there are few high-quality applications on it. maybe in the future I can somehow donate to the creation of the program, just don’t make a subscription, although if there is a choice to add a subscription for a small amount or once a year or once a month, sometimes I will include it. but the program for a pink purchase is ok. The price is normal, I expected it to cost twice as much. success and please add Russian, please. спасибо огромное за Андроид! куплю его обязательно! сами выставляйте по отзывам минимальные системные требования к устройствам. прошу прощения за Андроид тусовку, мало качественных приложений на нём. возможно в будущем смогу как-то пожертвовать на создание программы, только подписку не делайте, хотя если будет выбор добавлять подписку на небольшую сумму или раз в год или раз в месяц то иногда буду включать её. но программа за розовую покупку это нормально. Цена нормальная, ожидал что стоить будет с два раза дороже. успехов и добавьте пожалуйста русский язык, очень прошу.

It is high time to replace the 2014 tablet. there were versions of tab s3, tab s4, the performance of the tablet, the speed of memory grew. you can draw on it yet, but not in all programs. now a great option for children is tab s6 lite. Buy yourself a better tab s7 +. I have one. the large screen is convenient.

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I want to express my gratitude also.
Minutes after trying it out I saw how amazingly good this is and happily purchased the full version on my Tab S6 (also have it on Note 9).

Experiencing Nomad on this high res OLED screen is just so enjoyable and it feels like one of the turning points for 3D work on Android.

I’m surprised you’re letting the play store reviews get to you.
The context there is completely different than on iOS… it is basically iPad users who paid for Nomad to work with it, vs everyone on Android who downloaded it on myriad of devices for whatever reason.

Anyway, thank you so much and may future continue being great for you!

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Ok, I’ve ordered Galaxy Tab 7 with 8GB of RAM just for Nomad Sculpt (not 7+. One inch of screen for 1/3 of total price is just a bad joke). Quite excited what it will be like to work with double amount of RAM this time.

Btw, if someone have a problem with accessibility of Nomad saved files in Android system folder (files are hidden in new Android versions) just try X-plore File Manager. Standard file manager from samsung is a joke, Total Commander got an error while trying to unlock hidden folders. X-plore just made it happen.