Pay Nomad sculpt

Change the way of thinking, why not download the Android version on Nomad’s website? And you can use payment methods all over the world to pay for purchases, such as WeChat payment, Alipay payment, PayPal payment, etc., which can increase Nomad’s revenue without having to pay 30% app store commissions. Many large companies can use their Buy directly from the website, such as Zbrush, Autodesk, Adobe… Nomad can try it like this.

Well I’m not sure @stephomi want to do that, he is one man army with only two hand and feet and genius brain, manage everything not an easy task, no?
He do plan pc version in the future if I’m not mistake read somewhere, probably that will be put on nomad website.

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Actually it’s on hold for now, for the reason you mentioned above: supporting and maintaing another platform is a lot of work.

As for Android, it has recently switch to 15% but it doesn’t matter much: Android is a tiny percentage of my revenue compared to the iPad.
Also everyone is using Google Play Store, delivering separate APK on your website is really a niche thing and probably not a good business decision. Not everyone is Fortnite :slight_smile: .
So I’m definitely not going to spend more time on Android (specific to Android I mean).

The only exception is maybe the AppGallery, China is huge (for Nomad it now beats the USA sales) and Huawei tablets might be more popular than iPad in the future in China.
Nothing planned for now though.

This app keeps the marriage alive!
I can work (play) on Nomad on the iPad while I spend time with the wife…while she watches 90 days fiance :crazy_face:


That would be great for me. I own a Huawei tablet and am currently using the unpaid version installed as APK. The app works fine, but it would be even better to be able to use the full version.