Nomad on Huawei Matepad 10.4?

Hi there, is there a possibility to place this app in Huawei Store? I bet there is a lot of users who wish to use nomad on non Google services device with Android, inncluding me of course .

Right now I don’t really have time to maintain another store (AppGallery).
Maybe I’ll do it at some point but it’s not high priority for now.

AppGallery without having access to the chinese market is not worth it, so I would probably need to localize the app in chinese first.
And even then, I don’t know if the publish process is straighforward or not.
Paid vs free-trial? There’s pros and cons for both scenario.

On a side note, you can find the free Android Nomad Sculpt apk on the internet.
I suppose it could work on Huawei device even without Google Play (of course the full version won’t be available)

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The full version of app isnt aviable even if i buy on the Playstore and download in a huawei tablet? Im thinking to buy that tablet for.this software but it’s a bit scary to buy it and then realise is not possible to use the app even full version.

Yes Huawei devices don’t have access to Google Play Store.

I might add Nomad to the AppGallery in Q1 2022, but it’s not 100% sure yet.

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Nomad is now available on AppGallery by the way