About upgrade to full

im using a tablet s7 with 8g mem
when i tap on upgrade to full nomad doesnt link to pay page
it just show nothing without any thing
i have no idea what i can do
please help
im a artest i really the app
thx be waiting

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still here
anyone help please

I have no idea, it should work.

Do you live in China?
Google Play is banned on China devices, and Nomad can only be paid through the Google Play system on Android.


Yeah ,but i work with vpn
and my ip set in the US.
I will try to change my Google Play area,
maybe one or two days then i will try again.

Was there a fix for this? Im having the same issue…and i live in NewZealand

No fix because there is no bug to me.
I don’t handle the payment itself, it’s Google that handles it.

However if you have a Huawei device, I did release Nomad on AppGallery, https://appgallery.huawei.com/app/C104650953

There just no purchase button on the app store just the download button, also the upgrade button built into the app doesn’t link to anything.

I’m using the Samsung S7 FE.

The problem is likely on your side (probably a Chinese Google play account).

Again, I live in New Zealand and always have…

I’m talking about the Google play account, not your location.
You are using a Chinese email provider for this forum to start with -_-, once again it’s Google that handles the payment, not the developers.

Maybe? How to change your Google Play country - Google Play Help