Nomad not starting

I am having an issue, I have to try repeated attempts to start Nomad Sculpt in my Android tablet. Currently I am using a Teclast P20HD_EAA. The app will fail to start , I have tried restarting the tablet and clearing the app cache as well as reinstall of the app. I love the app but I usually end up giving up trying to open it . It starts up infrequently. Please could someone give me advice on what to try next. Thank you

What does infrequently means? It can still startup but randomly?
Hat is your device?

Go in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files

Then try to rename the projects folder (for example projects_backup) and see if it loads.

Thank you very much for getting in touch with me and so quickly. I did what you said and Nomad still isn’t starting. What I’ve been experiencing since I bought the app is up to 30 times trying to start Nomad then give up or I can go on my tablet and it starts after a few tries. It doesn’t work the majority of the time. When I do get on, most of the time it shuts down the app at some point, especially if I use a matcap but in general it will close randomly without warning.

When it crashes do you have an heavy scene? (the memory used / number of polygons)
Make sure to close any other opened app (maybe they do use lot of memory and Nomad doesn’t have much left).

I don’t think there is a particular issue with Nomad, (cheap) Android tablets often are less robust.
Unfortunately I won’t spend much time on Android tablet, unless it’s one of the “big ones” (mostly Galaxy Tab).

Thank you for your help.