App doesn't start, or hangs frequently

In the last week or so the app has just slowed down to the point of being unusable. Trying to open projects results in the app hanging. Often trying to start the app at all results in nothing at all.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Some generell tips:
Did you close all other apps?
Did you restart your tablet?

No probs here.

If that doesn‘t help, it will be useful to always give detailed information about your system for those who are left to help. I am out after this simple advices above :sunglasses:

Which OS version and which Nomad version?
What is your exactly device?
How much Ram?
How much HD space left?

Good luck!

I restarted the tablet, yes.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5)
RAM: 1.9 used of 3 Mb
Free storage: about 5 Gb
Nomad version 1.40

1.9GB used out of 3GB is huge, Android needs memory to run so it’s not surprising it decides to kill Nomad.

I suppose if you create a new project it runs ok?

There’s nothing that I can do, you are pushing the device to its limit.

Something that can help:

  • close other apps to make sure there is enough memory
  • deleting unused layers or unused objects
  • reduce polycount (for example with voxel remeshing)

Thank you for the advice. The app is brilliant by the way.