Nomad creator did his part for UV/exports…. Isn’t it high time Procreate…

Made exporting back properly and with another developer in mind? Y’know, that (-almost) oneway pipeline is far from what it could be, and Nomad will always be the home to return to when you want… symmetry, masks, the other zillion things Nomad does that somehow make it many departmentd measures better than THE premier art system. (i acknowledge it’s far-leanings toward the X and Y axis as the chosen ones)

Of course I don’t know the technicals, but… I do find often that a groups formed by a laptop warehouse, where profits/consumers weigh steeply over dream making, (moreso these days even with Savage - see useless features for ridiculous demographics)

On the other end of the coin, the early, smaller industry, tight nit best friends, a man’s passion project, etc. are the unit types that are people with the real deal kaleidoscoping sight beaming in their eyes, and through thin tears in dirt like birds, David is delivered. They are without deflection, whether they’re a true maker or not, the tightly wound sail string puts wind in their responsibilities, they seem to CONTINUALLY deliver more and deliver better, consistently, and the depth of the nuts and bolts doesn’t seem like an hourly progression a paycheck into the rental loophole - but instead out guys are traveling with a wrench set, so to speak, a kind of demigodhood arises in them but the specific connecting wires organized in their brain’s lofts doesn’t cause recessions into self importance as the beaming-eyed, laser precise force they carry.

Think about it in another region, Indie games run the gambit on new genre definition, they let intuitive ideas feather their wings without a risk/reward financier vetoing every next sliced bread-like overgrown bushcraft. It’s like this elsewhere. Another sculpting program (we know whom) and their experience as parseled interest, the new group coming in doing the same for them, snd freaking Adobe Fresco, the freaking skyscraper, is still getting less run time and choosing worse financial decisions, creating public unfavorablility, plagues of disappointing/exclusionary compensation models flood the lowlands that the creative monopoly Adobe seems to enjoy debeloping in. It’s a metaphorical Everglades. Fresco BTW, has but one a powerful novelty… not worth more than a-never- yours, leased burden.

The parallel patterns are everywhere. As the world becomes in greater part a pipeline between the virtual and the tangible, where the virtual stands among the infinite, endowing zeal to us creatives, machines we love to tinker with…, as these things become a bigger aspect of lives… We need more powerfully motivated dream-project archetypes and far fewer near-sighted careerists, bottom-liners, and power brokers in fields they can’t even taste in any “anointed” way. Not to mention the unfortunate technicians that chose a path for job security, a get-by will.

I dream of the day I can speak a language that manifests into mechanisms functioning outside of any planned result.

I’m bouncing between Python and Ruby, though I’ve heard there are better languages for machines like the ones i want to build. (A set it and forget it, mostly if you want, graph-heavy, number heavy, 1000% better than a fish tank or terrarium, experimentalists eco dream world, full-fledged, real tracking, mating where many procedural systems will noise generate a map and will stop there as they use spawning, instead of actual combatants, stolen eggs, ravenous sex by via beasts that’d require a kickstsnd, climate and geological boundaries that could throw the world in for a tivvy but a disembodied hands mischief making land bridge creation, extinctions between niches and symbiotes forming as procedurally as depth allows, malleable species that do both their own evolution and atopped with UI with as many gamified yet reality instructed levers and pullies - a watchable tinkertoy ecosystem. (No, not remotely like spore, that game was flake in respects to this.”

So I guess here’s a sort of unexpected subcategory for a bit of pro-Nomad discussion. I know i divuldged a bit more than a Procreate (yes, aware, this isn’t procreate, feature request. Trade me where yee will.