Nomad Change Log


file: new internal file format, .nom instead of glb.lz4 (compressed lz4), should be faster

material: fix emissive channel
material: add intensity slider for emissive channel
material: ignore alpha channel for texture preview (except for color slot)

texture: mipmap saving fixed
texture: correctly save metalness if roughness is not present (and vice-versa)

dynTopo: try to keep sharp edges intact when decimating
dynTopo: non manifold triangles should stop appearing if the surface is manifold
dynTopo: generate less intersected triangles

stroke: fix offset issue
stroke: add small falloff preview

symmetry: multiple radial now supported (/!\ use low value)
symmetry: gizmo now supports radial and multiple plane symmetry

decimation: reduce memory peak usage (can avoid crashes in some cases)
matrix: fix dynTopo, DelLayer and Layer behaviour if the object has skew or non uniform scale
curve: fix spline closed repeat curve node positioning
layer: painting could lose quality when loading/saving frequently (glb export was fine)
mask: fix potential extract crash with shell enabled and smoothness at 0
voxel: try to keep consistent flip culling parameter if the base voxelised mesh was flipped inside-out
color: vertex color are now packed with rgbm instead of rgb10 bit (less banding, especially on the dark)
triplanar: fix masking symmetry
postprocess: color grading now shows the unselected channel in the overlay widget
pressure: add smoothing average option


Next release (1.72)

Beta can usually be tested at nomad - WebAssembly

stroke: connected topology now considers mask as unconnected topology
delLayer: fix alpha being ignore with painting
delLayer: force non accumulate mode, which give much better alpha stability

gizmo: remove world button instead add a reset align to the pivot mode
gizmo: add pin mode (pivot stays still when you switch between objects)
curve: align feature for repeater curve

scene: when adding new lights or cameras, put them them in their own respective group
interface: fix bug when a slider is interacted while a help popup is opened
decimate: quality should be consistent no matter the mesh coordinates scale
interface: fix duplicate cancel button
gltf: fix texture not being exported correctly
heightmap: improve render export quality when debug heightmap option is enabled