Bug Version: 1.48

There is a small error in the image when I click on matcap or HDRI

I recorded this short video to show!
Sem título 2_720p - Download - 4shared - Ciro Costa,

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Thanks I’ll fix it.


I see a folder for alpha un webdemo :slight_smile:

small bug also, alpha when on shows the red crossing line, not other way round

Damn thanks… redoing the iOS release then, thanks!


Will also remake on Android? because here the error is the same!

It’s already available on Android, update it again.

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A new error has arisen! The “Interface” and “settings” button is gone! All the sub buttons are gone!

Yes it’s getting fixed as well.


I did not understand very well at the level of the folders, I now have for each thing (alpha, environment … etc) a folder which semp-ble contain the default resources and another folder which contains all the others than I added. But impossible to create files to arrange all this properly.

Use iOS filesystem?
Otherwise if you really want to create the folder from Nomad, rename any resource and prefix it with /, for example my_folder/my_alpha

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I create a new folder in alphas but not appear, yes i use Ipados filesystem

Je vais le dire en français lol, j’avais oublié de mettre quelque chose dans le dossier lol. Donc pas de soucis.

Eh oui en effet l’idée c’était de gérer des fichiers, pas juste une armée de folders vide :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well using iOS filesystem is more simple, just need close open nomad if nomad is running while make the file.

Do you plan to make folder too for color? @stephomi :thinking:

Not for materials because everything is inside a single file (materials.json).
It would require a better in-app folder/group management to make sense.

Well that’s true, how about arrange the color place? Like tap hold and drag. You know like we arrange the icon app on screen phone.
That’s more simple and effective I think :thinking:?

So it can be arrange like
I wan skin color all at top, iris color after skin color,
Hair color after iris color
And so on

Lol bien vu.

No my UI cannot do that easily for now, otherwise I would have done it for the tool order instead of hiding it inside a popup in the Interface menu.

Ah yeah you right, didn’t thought about it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: