Bug Report: App crashes when selecting an HDR

Dear programmer and all,

I was experimenting with HDRs and all was working fine. Not sure if I overloaded the app with too many HDRs but now it crashes every time I try to change it. I don’t want to delete the app and re-install it as I am worried I will be losing all my sculptures. Any guidance on this?

I am using an iPad 2020 Pro IOS 13.7

Appreciate it,

And thank you so much for the awesome app,


I found a quick fix! I went to Nomad folder in iPad files and deleted the new imported HDR from the HDR folder and it is working now. The problem might be that two environments maps had the same name!!

Do you have a way to reproduce the bug?

It was crashing when you tried to change the environment?

Here is the map that is causing the problem, just tried to add it and it start crashing again:

I hope this helps

Thanks, I can reproduce I’ll fix the issue.

For a good resource for HDRs I suggest https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/ which is very nice (the 1k are fine, Nomad will resize it anyway)

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Thank you for the support Stephomi :star_struck: You are a star!! Amazing app. Enjoying every bit of it.

Appreciate your suggestion! These HDRI maps are great. I started using my own maps to be able to create effects such as rim light and composite them later.
Just wondering have you considered a simple rendering engine? It would be awesome to be able to generate shadows in Nomad Sculpt.

Many thanks for the excellent support :+1:

Yes, actually it’s the focus for the next release.
However it will only be real time stuffs.


Oh my!! I can’t wait, Stephane! Let me know if you need any tester