Nomad Change Log


twist: fix spiral mode along with closed tube
twist: fix curve twist gizmo UI handler being sometimes blocked

boolean: add polygonal boolean
boolean: trim tool has now a proper boolean option

curve: Improve curve fitting algorithm to generate less points when hand-drawing curves
decimate: improve quality (easier removal of long thin triangle)

snap: use scene pivot only if the scene scene is visible on screen
snap: flip wasn’t working properly in some cases

postprocess: add dithering option (should be disabled when rendering an image with lot of flat color and no shading)
dynTopo: fix crashes when using dynTopo with connected topology and lock stroke mode
layer: fix trim or voxel remeshing duplicating too many layers when filling holes
render: fix incorrect fov during when rendering with non screen ratio
silhouette: view mode now works properly is the mesh is transformed
interface: improve performance when display many resources (alphas, textures)
depthMasking: fix top and bottom area filtering
project: fix saveAs new automatic renaming to not override existing project