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Good day or evening, everyone. And right away I want to thank the developer for such a good application. I bought it almost immediately after its release in the apple app store and I’m very happy.

And straight to the point.

I’ve seen quite a few good works, I’ve seen professionally done quality works in nomad. But almost all of them are monsters and other creatures. I myself do not have such good sculpting skills, and I can not check why there are no works based on human anatomy and works, of which there are a lot on the artstation. I will try to give an example with attached images taken from the artstation.

Is it all about the hardware of the tablets or the software itself? Or maybe in the amount of time it takes to create something like this? or are there not enough authors who would do this type of work?
I found your posts about curves that may soon appear in the application, which will clearly make it easier to work with hair. Maybe there is anything else that interferes or makes the sculpting uncomfortable, I don’t know…

But thanks anyway for such a wonderful application. It, like Procreate, allowed you to create without sitting at a computer, which is a significant plus.

(sorry for the english. Not my native language.)


And one more work of the artist. (All did not fit into one post according to the rules of the forum) The author is not me.


I think it’s a combination of:

  • Nomad being relatively new, so at the moment it’s just an exploration of the capabilities as they get added. There’s several artwork examples of human faces in the artwork section.
  • that a lot of people (like me) are using it to 3D sketch before taking their models to ZBrush or 3DCoat on machines that can handle many more polygons
  • and, related to the second, that even the iPad Pro and the latest generation Air and Galaxy Tab S7 are limited in both screen size and power compared to your average production rig.
  • there’s also a limiting factor that’s not related to Nomad or it’s capabilities and that’s that reference material can’t be on the screen at the same time as we’ve got Nomad open. So on the PC I can overlay reference material using PureRef but I can’t do that on the tablet. I have to actually sit there with reference material. Which obviously can be done but it kind of detracts from Nomad’s USP for me and it’s not quite like having a picture overlaid.

I mean, doing hair like that in Nomad shouldn’t technically be an issue like it is now with drag, move, smooth, trim, etc., if you don’t have a PC sculpting program. To be honest, I’ll use Houdini with ZBrush to produce hair anyway, because even in ZBrush it’s too manual and it’s better to have a procedural tool for that.

I don’t think it’s a problem of the app nor the hardware. At least in my case, using an IPad Pro…

The community is still small. The app is very new. We will still see a lot of wonderful artists jumping on this wagon.

If you look at Zbrush central you will also see a lot of creatures and monsters. It’s easier (and maybe even funnier) to make blobs of things that doesn’t have to be right to be cool, then to create correct or charming human beings…

You can set up a reference sheet in procreate or even a Pinterest screen grab and open as a reference image in the background tab…

I’m a 2D artist. My last sculpture before Nomad was about 10 years ago, so most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing… But those are some of my models from the last weeks. This app is powerful! Just wait till more 3D guys start using it!


Nomad isn’t really the issue. Nomad and the community are new so it will take time to build up the popularity. I’m sure there are professional users out there who are using Nomad but aren’t involved in the community.

Yes there are tools that could be added that would make things easier to sculpt but there are work arounds in the current version. They take a lot longer but it can be done.

As CarlMcRaven said monsters and creatures are easier to create than a human, especially a known famous personality. Creating a recognised person takes time. Tiny adjustments to facial features can make all the difference to whether it’s a successful sculpt or just a random person sculpt.

So give it time and more users will post their work. It’s still early days with the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nomad is a very good app. I have had it for one week and was able to create some nice sculpts with it. Working around some features that id does not have.Voxel and re mesh needs improvement as we all know already. This will be my main sculpting app. many of us have needed this android app. I welcome all improvements and will be a faithful user and supporter of this app. My flight girl is not finished mush more to do to her. I seen another person do a flight girl in Zbrush so I thought it would be nice to do my own version of her using thier sculpt for reference.Yes you can create human forms with Nomad. I will add more works as I done them and complete them. As a new member I can only attach one image.


Here is a second image of my flight girl. I am using a Galaxy Tab S7 plus to do my Nomad sculpts. Yes to do get her to look smooth I have to use large files size part, high res. I am retired so I have plenty of time to sculpt.

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Here is a custom part I made for a 3d printed ball joint doll. The supports are for the 3d printer. To get clean cut holes and any part you have to cut the part in half, then cut the hole. The cut lines are hidden in picture of the model. Add internal pins to insure the part stay together when 3d printing. I think the work arounds are well worth using the app.