New Boolean method for joining meshes is amazing game changer!

I just wanted to say thanks for this feature. I was away from Nomad for a bit, so hadn’t used the fairly recent boolean method for joining meshes before. It’s incredible - a real game changer for how we can make things, especially hard surface forms whose edges nearly always suffered in the past when voxel merging.

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The boxes on left were voxel merged then smoothed, the ones on right Boolean merged then smoothed; note the perfect edges on the Boolean merged boxes.

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Indeed very cool. Went almost unnoticed.

I believe it’s using this GitHub - elalish/manifold: Geometry library for topological robustness
Comes with its own sandbox: ManifoldCAD… (This lets you “program” your own models!)

It’s quite weird that there hasn’t been a usable open source mesh boolean engine until today. Good pick by Stéphane (who also contributed to the project making it quicker and more stable!)