Mummy Priestess

Character bust I made for fun. 100% sculpted in Nomad Sculpt. Textured and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4, some post stuff on Procreate.

See more in 4k on my ArtStation:


Great stuff!

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Not only a great sculpt but an awesome design! :heart_eyes:

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Wow amazing work! I starting to use Marmoset, how you textured it on Marmoset? I would like to know the workflow inside Marmoset. I understand that you have created UV of each element, right?

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Yep, since these are fairly high poly parts I export them in reasonable chunks to Blender, do a quick smart unwrap and export that piece into Toolbag. I’m not trying to spend time having a perfect unwrap in this case. :+1:

Nice, then in blender autounwrap UV but you create any seams? Or auto?

Smart Unwrap creates the seams for you. Not elegantly mind you but we’ll enough for my needs here :smiling_face:

Great, I will follow your workflow to test, as I said I’m completely a beginner with Marmoset and texturing and until now I don’t worry about UV or retopo but now if you want something good you need to enter into retopo nightmare :slight_smile: and UV. thanks for sharing your workflow