Move tool and pressure

Hello there!
I’m just started my way into 3d, but I found that pressure and radius controlled by Apple Pencil pressure - make it tool unusable.
When I take some mesh and move it with move tool - with some pressure - no matter what, when I do release pencil of the screen - mesh coming back to place where it was.
Is it normal or I do something wrong, or maybe it’s a bug?

No idea what exactly happens to you on the Ipad, but there is certainly no bug - do a test: put down the Ipad and take your hands off the Ipad - use only the Pencil - happens then also the “bug” ? The thing sounds somehow like UNDO…

Yes, it’s still happens
Here you can see as it makes bigger - when I push pressure harder. And what happens when I release pencil off the screen

Others tools work fine with pressure, and pencil works correct in all apps.

Have you ever tried this on a new object, a completely new project. Restart App….

Disable pressure in the pressure menu.
For Move/Drag these options are disabled by default, you probably enabled them by accident.

I’ll remove the pressure widgets for Move/Drag anyway.

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Should I disable radius also?

Yes disable both, make sure use global settings is disabled as well.