Low quality built-in Matcaps

Current built-in matcaps have severe compression artifacts and quite low resolution.
I’m on Android.
Not sure if this depends on source files or is some kind of hardware / software limitation.

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Compression artifacts, the matcaps are jpg, probably because I couldn’t find any png with adequate license.

I just don’t want to spend time authoring them (I wouldn’t do it right anyway).

If someone knows a matcaps pack that I could use I would interested (same for alpha).
I couldn’t find any.

Thanks for info.

All Blender matcaps are CC0 (that was requirement to include them). This set was meant for general purpose visualization but few of them are designed for sculpting and work nice.

I’m planing to make my own set of high quality sculpting matcaps and release it for free/copyleft. I can’t promise any date though. I will contact you then. :slight_smile:

Oh that’s nice, I’ll take a look and probably include some of them.
I just assumed they inherited the GPL license, similarly to the codebase.

Spoken like a true engineer :smile:

Artist dirty little secret: There’s no right or wrong way. Just good ways, and not so good ways. shhh…don’t tell anyone :wink:

You’re welcome to distribute the couple that i made and posted here if you want https://forum.nomadsculpt.com/t/my-matcaps/1523?u=pxgeek (the white one I find handy). They’re 8bit pngs, painted in affinity photo, but the forum compresses image uploads.

Here are the blender matcaps if anyone else wants to grab them in the meantime. They’re in OpenEXR, which photoshop can open, at least: blender/release/datafiles/studiolights/matcap at v2.92.0 · sobotka/blender · GitHub