Matcaps collection

Hi all,

I was searching for some new matcaps and I found this GitHub with a lot matcaps with preview.

I’m not sure if it was posted already but you can find them here:



What all do we need to download from this link? There are a lot of files there!


You don’t need to download anything - take your pick :+1:t2:

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I downloaded the entire zip, but don’t know which files are actually matches and their thumbs.

Since these are on my phone, I’d like to reduce storage if possible, and the whole download was over 5k files.

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I just downloaded the ones I likes, about 40 of them.

Thanks for this link. Lots of nice ones in the collection

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Just wanted to drop a thanks in here. BTW, does anyone know where nomad sites is alpha and madcap files? I can browse to them where I have them, but I can’t seem to locate them on my Tab S7 Plus, so I can just put them in the nomad default folders.

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I just saved them on my external sd and made different directory’s. One with matcaps, one with brushes, one with hdri’s and one with textures.

Once you have a lot files it’s best to keep them organized. I also only load the things i need in my projects

Hi Garee,

Did you work it out?

Yes I did, but my end goal isn’t rendering, but is just viewing models intended for 3d printing.

Thanks for remembering me!

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This is super cool, thanks for sharing!