Do you need new FREE MADCAPS?

Found this site when looking for FREE MADCAPS to download.

There are 33 pages of Madcaps for you to download, in .png format. Never be short of a Medcap again. Hope it helps people like me who are just getting into 3D sculpting. Ray


Really surprised there are no replies to this share. Don’t know if you created these Ray, but there are really awesome ones in there, thanks for sharing. I absolutely love that they are shown on a figure in order to visualize what they will actually look like when used. I wish all offerings of matcaps did that!

These are great, I accessed them after purchasing Nomad.

Thanks for the thumbs up. I found them while searching the net (as you do). Looking for some free Alphas now, if anyone has any ideas :crossed_fingers:

I might be interested…
Can anyone advise:

a) how to download the lot
B) where to plop em in file manager?


HI there.
When I downloaded them I had to do it one at a time. Then stored them in my Nomadsculpt Matcaps folder. Hope this helps?