Some more matcaps needed for 1.66?

Hi @stephomi in Change Log you posted a call for content on new matcaps.
Are fine now? Or do you need more?
Which specs?
Was it 2500x2500px png 16 Bit?
Is Nomad rendering 16 Bit btw?

If yes, what kind of matcaps are missing?
Maybe we can collect some here for you. Self made, no copy rights, for sure.

If you’re making them, can I request a nice subsurface faking waxy matcap please? :blush:


Hi @stephomi what kind of matcaps are still missing?
I could focus on that and doing a few tomorrow.

I simply meant that some matcaps were taken from Call for Content: MatCaps - User Feedback - Blender Developer Talk

I don’t need more.
Note that I removed many matcaps from the web demo so that the page is lighter to download.