Skin matcaps resource (free download)

Just playing with matcaps because I’m constantly struggling to find any that I really like. These are my first matcaps ever and they’re really sloppy… But I was trying to make something which didn’t obscure my overall view while still highlighting flaws and showing detail. This isn’t perfect… But it gets the job done (for now). Thought others might want them, so posting here. They’ll work in any sculpting software that uses matcaps/materials.

Get them here: (images)

I was trying to give the impression of subsurface scattering but failed horribly, lol.

The body of this sculpt would be the better example model… But It’s NSFW.

You can use them by simply importing the photo in the matcap menu (tap the current matcap, then the “+”, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest).

Let me know if they’re helpful to you! And this post will be updated as I make more.

Hand painted in Procreate using my apple pencil on an iPad 8th gen.