My matcaps

I made a white matcap to help facilitate vertex painting in matcap mode, also one I made for sculpting.
For anyone who may find them useful, feel free to use them.


Awesome! Thank you.
9 years ago, incredible taron programmed a free mat cap generator for PC. Maybe that is useful for you and others as well. I hope it’s still running on win10. He is a fantastic artist as well. In Sculptris days he made adorable things with this pioneer app originally programmed by one Swedish guy called Tomas Petterson.
Zbrushcentral thread

And if you already at tarons side, look for his other projects. Verve Painter is an amazing fluid simulation app and Vervette is coming up for painting inside a browser. If you like what you see, maybe donate a cup of coffee. He was always generous but could need a bit of support.

Thank you very much.

Toons I did:

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Made some more with MaCrea



Whoa. Knacki, you are a machine :smile:

That doesn’t mean they are good, but last two ones are real fun. MaCrea is a big help.
Inspired by @Bezzo, I made a preset project for Nomad.

That‘s fun!


@PXgeek @knacki I update the forum and the png shouldn’t be converted to jpg anymore.

If you are ok, I could integrate a few of them in Nomad (ideally png format).

I was thinking:

  • the 2 from PXgeek

As for the knacki ones:

  • a toon one (the one with 3 bands)
  • the orange one (21 or 22)
  • maybe 16, 18? not sure
  • one of the red one from the previous post?

re-uploading the two I made:


Sure, but I’ll need to search for them…so much happened since then. I am back soon.

I put some useful ones as well. The yellow metallic is pretty much useful to check your hardsurface stuff.


Very nice! Thanks!

Ahh, well and this is the Nomad scene to create your own Matcaps.
You just need to crop to square.

Let me know if this is working for you. I am not the best Google drive share man, but would like to keep my Dropbox for other stuff.

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Perfect, I’ll include them!

@knacki the Toon one is a jpeg

Yes, but I destroyed the original file. I’ll make a new one…

It’s quickly done with my fav painting & design app Infinite Painter with it’s glorious :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :wink: stamp tool.

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These are quite nice as well:



They are made in Retina square size, maybe a bit too big?

And with a bit more gloss. 2x same but flipped


And with second backlight :sunglasses:

Last one. Good detail, somehow works with painting, no hidden dark area, nicely bright without blooming.