Viewport artifacts on iPad pro

Bug reports
Hello Stephane, yesterday I have updated Nomad,
After the update strange viewport artifact appeared, it’s only on the model, it looks like “bad video encoding” projected on the model, when you tumble around those artifacts hover on the model, and when you pull the geometry they are stretched and smeared.
It’s not present on older project, only when I make new project.

I’ve uploaded a link to screen capture and stills

I don’t think it’s a bug, looks more like low resolution Matcap being stretched

(Edit) I had a quick look at that Matcap in Photoshop and it does have banding (difficult to avoid on an 8bit gradient) and compression artefacts

That looks like colour banding to me, it’s not a bug. Happens a lot. If you check the Change Log, there’s scheduled improvements to colour banding in the next build.

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There are a few matcaps that I intend to replace, notably “grey” and “clay_red”.

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This will happen if the Matcap has too much texture / details as well. Not only on low res Matcaps.
My latest bronze Matcap will have a bit of this effect as well. A Matcap is a projection, as I understood. A distorted projection surface leads to distorted images.