Matcap Size? 1024 and 2048 has blue fringe

I’ve been experimenting with matcaps for toon shading. Black white and a gray or two. I was getting a blue fringe on the inside of the outer black stroke. The only thing that fixes it is to size down to 512. 1024 and 2048 gives me the blue fringe.

I’m using Procreate for these and made sure there was no color in any of my shapes… Again- Works fine at 512.

Is this normal?

Is it doing the same thing in the web demo? nomad - WebAssembly

Hmmm yeah. Just tried it and getting the same results there. You can actually see some blue in the icons of the 512 sizes but there is no blue on the mesh when they are applied.
((Screenshot from iPad))

In case it helps, here is a screenshot with two of the same matcaps (512 and 1024) I don’t see the blue fringe in their icons like I do in the app…

You can send me the matcap

Sorry, Stephomi :frowning: It is something with Procreate’s saving of PNG… I don’t see the fringe when zooming all the way in. But when i was about to send them from Dropbox i was able to see the blue in the large preview.

Will post back to this thread when I figure out what is happening with the export.

It must have to do with the aliasing(?) And scaling down to 512 clears it out(?)

Likely a transparency thing.
I changed something for the resizing algorithm (that’s why it’s better in the thumbnail).
But I wanted to check if I can improve it for the viewport usage as well.

Sure! Here is something that may help. This is pretty nutty…

  • Exporting from Procreate directly to Dropbox does not show the blue fringe
  • Exporting from the same Procreate doc directly to Nomad results in the blue fringe. It remains visible when shared from the Nomad folder to Dropbox.
  • Importing the good file from Dropbox into Nomad adds the fringe to it as well.

I noticed the one shared to Nomad has a smaller file size.

(The background was turned on before sharing from Procreate)

Here are the matcaps and a screenshot of the Procreate doc and layers. Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

Just to clarify… There was no transparency when shared from Procreate. The fringe happens just INSIDE the black even if there was though. Might be seeing that black as an alpha or something(?)

EDIT: Another test fwiw…

Are you sure you correctly tested the web demo?

It says no blue fringe but I see a fringe in the thumbnail.
I think one of the 2 matcaps already had the fringe baked in.

Pretty sure the issue has been fixed, can’t replicate on the new version (both thumbnail and viewport render)

Right! I should have mentioned that the matcap in the web demo came from my Nomad folder on my iPad… Didn’t realize that saving to the nomad folder was doing anything different at that point.

I can’t remember having any issue like that. Here are some matcaps:

There is one with intentional blue border.
You maybe find more and useful hints there.

Same here:


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Thanks for those links, Knacki!
Looks like some great info :+1: