Why white is not white, and how to get smaller brush

First question: why my white seems grey? Any tips for a better paint ?

Second question: my brush is at minimum, any way to make it smaller ? I tried to reduce scaling but I got a pixelated result.

Thanks for help :heart:

if you check the ‘unlit’ box in material menu you’ll see that it is white, it is reflecting the lighting environment… use a different environment or increase the exposure of the HDRi.

As for the pixelation you’ll need to increase the mesh density to get finer paint detail. also try reducing the falloff curve…?

hope that helps


You can also send as UV into procreate to paint :art:


You can add your own colors as well

Reducing metalness will reduce the reflected environment. What is the material you are trying to emulate? There is plenty of info on the physicality of dielectric/conductive materials to understand the behaviors of surfaces as they interact with light/environment.

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A link for PBR guide. It’s free.

I’m currently figuring out how to go from nomad to procreate without loosing alla details. I think is a compromise between performance and details.
But, yes painting in Procreate would be fantastic.

(Decimate) → UV unwrap → Bake color

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I followed this process, but seems that in procreate the mesh is lower res than Nomad. Is there any way to preserve details ?

She I tried to learn a bit of 3D coat there was a “retopo via decimation” and a “bake normal map” that allowed you to store details in normal map preserving in a 2d texture, can I replicate something similar ? I’m not very skilled in 3d, so maybe I’m completely out of the topic.

Thanks as usual for the help.

For now you can only bake to color, roughness and metalness, but not the normal map.

The mesh is not lower res, it’s the same as in Nomad.

The baking options are in the topology menu, you can then export an obj with the textures.
Export the obj into the iOS files app, then drag the whole folder inside Procreate.