Output large resolution images

Hello!, I’m curious if it’s possible to output larger images than the standard 2k screen size?.

There is the 4K version but tends to just take more horizontal space around the sculpt. So not really bigger

To get a large print ready piece of artwork I’m noticing I need to enlarge in procreate and repaint over to fix the blurryness which isn’t super great.

Anyone have a work around to output larger?.I’d like if possible a 4K of the screen or higher.

If I go closer to isometric flatter perspective, I can fit more into the screen. But I’d rather not have to do that.

I think I saw mention of a pc version or web version? Would that be able to output some other formats?.

Are others exporting models to zbrush or keyshot etc to capture larger renders?.

Thanks for your time :).

I’ll just add custom size with manual input.


Oh cool. And safe frame preview? That would be so cool and useful!

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Thanks so much @stephomi . That’s really kind and will help a lot when wanting to capture larger images :slight_smile: