My first post here. Kingfishers are my favourite birds. Photogenic and elusive.


Love the colors!

Very nice work, especially the ‘up’ shot.

Thank you Paul. I find Nomad so much fun to use. I’m sure you do too.

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Thank you. I did a ceramic version last year. It went into the kiln svelte and electric-blue and came back out as an overweight Green Woodpecker! This is my digital attempt to correct that irksome failure.:joy:

:joy: , lovely texture! Gonna try and rip it off now, XD Also, i have no idea about ceramics, but it got me confused, do you have to paint before you put into kiln?

Very impressive work I am in awe.

I was doing a beginner’s course at a local sculpture studio (obviously pre-Covid). I found the whole thing about glazes and kiln temperatures thoroughly confusing. I was ‘reassured’ to discover from observing experienced practitioners that it’s an unpredictable process that veers wildly between process precision and witchcraft accompanied by plenty of nervous finger crossing. Even the pros seem never to know quite what to expect when things come out of the kiln.

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Thank you very much. To be honest, I’m slightly impressed and greatly surprised myself. I think it’s a case of beginner’s luck. Whatever the result, I find Nomad sculpting enormously fun to do. It’s easy to get lost in the moment of 3D doodling. It’s a great stress-reliever.

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Holy cow - just gorgeous. Strong work!

Thank you. Love your pussy cat.