Is there an option not to show vertex count in scene hierarchy list?

Just updated to 1.85 and noticed that vertex count of object is shown in the scene hierarchy list. This might be useful in some situations but unfortunately it means there is even less space for object name. Here’s a screen capture showing how this can be a problem, especially when there are multiple group/parent/child linkages, each of which causes an inset of the text, leaving less and less space.

Before the change these object names made sense.
It would be really great if showing vertex count had a checkbox option in the advanced settings part of the scene menu. There’s not too many items in this advanced settings panel, so adding this new checkbox option could be a reasonable solution.
I do like having the ability to see vertex count, but most of the time I would prefer more space for object names, and I would simply turn on the vertex count feature when required.
Curious what others think about this. Thanks.

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Maybe increase the panel width to help a bit. (Interface menu)
It seems you set it to its minimum value.

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Thanks, forgot that I had done that.