Scene hierarchy

Is the scene hierarchy the folder system that’s been quite often asked about?

I’m guessing it isn’t in the web version yet.

It’s already on the web demo but some UX/UI still needs to be done.
For now you can parent nodes by swiping left/right in the scene tree.

Also there is no “folder” system, it’s a proper hierarchy, so transforms are impacted.

In the tree you can have mesh, lights, cameras and empty nodes.
Camera is not on the web demo yet.
As for empty node, there’s no button yet (but you can delete an object and convert it into an empty node)

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Now I get it. I just wasn’t moving them correctly to get them connected. Just assumed it was being updated still.

This next update just has so many great additions. Going to be fun testing it all out again when it releases.

Uhh, cool. Now I understand. That’s yummy.

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