Vertex Count Affected when importing an OBJ even with Keep Topology activated

Hey guys! So im working right now with a model that comes from character creator, I wanted to do a morph target. I used the options for importing. Keep topology, and don’t split into obj groups.

What happens is that when the obj is imported the geometry comes into various groups. So that increases the vertices count.

When I import the model to forger he actually keeps the vertices count, but the bad thing is that it merges all the UV groups all into one.

My workflow at the moment is to import the geometry, modify it and then paint in procreate the textures. But at the moment this is not possible if the vertex count gets modified. Any suggestions? Workarounds?

I know that this works because I tried importing the geometry to Blender without an Issue. So at the moment is how nomad is interpreting the geometry.

Thanks guys

I don’t see the relation between “increasing the vertex count” and the fact that it keeps the objects separated.
The polycount stays the same.