Do not weld vertices on obj import option

It’s super cool that there is now an option to “Keep topology (at import)”. It would be nice if there was also an option not to merge vertices with identical positions. So that the original number of vertices is always the same. In the example, the original model has 16 vertices. During import, the 4 overlapping vertices are merged.

Can you try in the web demo? (The keep topology is in File menu now)
Drag n drop in nomad - WebAssembly

It’s not clear if 16 refers to the UVs or vertex.
Nomad never displays the number of UVs (which is greater than the number of vertex)

Everything seems to work fine with the web version (16 vertcies are now shown in the web demo). Of course, when exporting the obj file, you also have to take into account that no vertex optimizations are used (see screenshot).

When will this feature be implemented in the iPad version (can’t wait :slight_smile: )