Is there a way to actually use PBR outside nomad?

So I’ve actually really been enjoying the PBR performance in nomad, it is way better than i ever thought possible on a basic ipad.

But is there any way to actually make this PBR painting usable in a production pipeline?

There is no real UV support at the moment… I know we can export vertex paint but we are losing that metalness / roughness information so it basically makes painting in nomad pretty but useless.

If anyone has any good pipeline videos they can recommend jumping from nomad to Zbrush etc let me know

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Nothing too automated, but i export some of my models to zbrush/blender, to retopo, and uv transfer vertex color to diffuse, then bring that to substance painter and only paint roughness/metal.
I found at that as you need to retopo, rig and uv either way to use in a production pipeline, painting r and m are not the most time consuming.

I know it wasn’t the answer you might be looking for, but shared my workflow in case that might help.

I have been messing around with this myself and have found an answer to my own question. The solution is to export as GLTF and then import that into blender… in blender you can then use goB to export the albedo / color information to Zbrush. That is labeled “Col” as a vertex paint map. Then there is a 2nd map called Col2 that contains the roughness value in R and the metal ness value in B with an empty G channel. If you delete Col and rename Col2 you can send a duplicate with the PBR info over to zbrush. Zremesh and unwrap a copy and project the color version onto the unwrapped version, then project the roughness and metal ness onto a new layer and export them both as different texture maps. It’s a hacky workaround and I wish I didn’t have to use blender but it works until they implement UV support.

Also, I HAD great topology and UVs but nomad threw it all out and I didn’t realize until it was exported. So much for using production ready base meshes.

You can read back the vertex paint in blender if all you need is rendering Files | Nomad Sculpt

Just use the « keepUVs » option.
As for topology, gltf doesn’t support quad, unlike obj (reconstructs the quads from triangles though).