Is there a way to 3D sculpt the same way I did in this video using the wacom one tablet?

I recently bought a wacom one display tablet and used it for 3D sculpting in Blender a few days ago.

I tried to use my usual sculpting technique I used in the video in nomad sculpt and I can’t proceed.
Is there a way…to “lock” the view so that I can use grab brush at the edge of the model and move the outline into shape like I am drawing without accidentally rotating the view ?

If you long-touch the Snap Cube (sphere, etc), it locks the current view. Single-tap to unlock.

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Can you show me a screenshot of it ?
If lock view is possible, it would be so wonderful.

Long press on front / side / top on the snap cube. A lock will appear. Single tap cube to unlock. Very simple.
Nomad does not have exactly the same methods as Blender so you’ll have to figure out where the differences are……or stick to your new tablet, which looks great!!

Thank you Bezzo !
That is what I was hoping for, the view lock, thank you !
Now I will see if I can start porting my workflow since the main issue has been resolved thanks to you !

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