Lock a model so it isn't selectable?


I work in the minting industry and I have been using Nomad sculpt in the iPad pro. Great application!

When sculpting coins I need the reference plane to be in front of my model and not behind it.

Is there a way to do the opposite of the current lock button?

Am I able to lock the reference plane so I am unable to select it and am able to select everything else?

Alternatively is there a way to make the current reference image feature move with the camera?


There are also other ways to display reference images.
Maybe the videos will help:

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Reference image has an overlay option that let you see it through your model.
But no camera following.
You are looking for a freeze option. That’s how it is called in other 3D apps.
Making the object inactive but still visible.

This is not available in Nomad.

I would do following:
Organise your scene menu, with clear naming. Maybe place you reference plane on very bottom.
Choose the object you need and lock.
Now change selection via scene menu only. It’s tedious, but this way you won’t select your reference plane.

Yes I have been doing it this way but it slows down my workflow a lot.

Hopefully nomad sculpt had better reference image options in the future.

Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the references and COINS ? Do you want to trace ?
There are other methods to copy coins from images.
Or do you make coins for 3D printing ?

Same question as Holger :laughing:

Are you on a bigger tablet?
You can pin scene menu to save screen space.
And you can adjust menu size.

Other than that, a request for freeze function.
Freeze please

Yes I am tracing the coin concept. I’m not sure of other methods but the coins have to be sculpted manually to make sure the heights are correct etc. The coins are being made at a mint.

Yes I’m using iPad pro 12.9

I have been doing that… it’s clunky lol.

Fingers crossed there is freeze or the ability to make the reference stay in a specific location.

Thanks for the help

The ability to see the exact location of my cursor while I sculpt would be great too.

I need to create planes at different heights and make them visible to see what height I’m sculpting at.