Is there a away to make objects unselectable?

I often add objects into my scene that are purely there as guides and references to aid sculpting (images on planes, tubes to indicate where I want edges etc). Is there a way to make these objects unselectable if I tap on them accidentally. I know I can lock the selection on the object I want to sculpt, but when there are things in the scene that I know I never want to sculpt or move, it would be great if these could be made unselectable. Thanks

“Images on plane?”

Why bother placing an image on a plane when you can just import a reference image and lock it using the help of a camera view?

“Tubes to indicate edges?”

I’m not really sure what you mean, but if I ever need such guidance, I think what I would do is adding a new layer and paint those edges. So I can remove the paint later when I don’t need it anymore.

Reference images don’t zoom, so if you’re doing very detailed, precise work to a reference it can be easier to put reference on a plane, then you can zoom in (in orthographic mode) to do details and reference zooms as well.

Very narrow tubes can be used to create “lines” in 3d space. If you need very precise, complex edges (curving hard body like a car for example) you can define these edges with tubes, then use them as guides for creating the surfaces that lead up to them. The tubes aren’t part of finished piece, they are just guides.

You can see some hard surface things I’ve made here

Zoom into reference images (including perspective mode!) in lock mode is my #1 feature wish for Nomad. I think some sort of 2D Viewport zoom and offset would have to be implemented which is probably a lot of work.

This would ideally also solve the problem of the reference image shifting when switching portrait/landscape.

About the object locking I don’t think there’s a way to do that yet for individual objects, just the general lock you mentioned already

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