Is it possible to get the "Projected" option ? I am completely crippled without this feature because I use this almost exclusively when using the grab brush in Blender ;-p

When I am sculpting this:

I use the grab brush with Projected on often, I was hoping this feature exist in Nomad :slight_smile:

I was curious what this feature was, went and had a look in blender.

It sets falloff to work in screen-space rather than along the surface, and doesn’t require the stroke to start on the surface. I can see how this would be useful to adjust the silhouette of a sculpt. The surface based falloff can make it difficult to select right on the grazing edge where you want to move polygons.

The potential issue is this will conflict with moving the camera in Nomad. Blender assumes you have a keyboard, the alt key to rotate the camera is expected. Nomad can’t assume this, so it relies on drag in empty space to rotate the camera.

To be fair there are already tools in Nomad where this assumption doesn’t work (selmask, trim, project etc), where you use 2 fingers to start a camera zoom, then lift a finger to rotate. It can be confusing for new users.

I made a little video recording to show how it works in Blender.